Seasonal subscriptions

Unlock the revenue potential of your sports content

Monetization designed for seasonal OTT content

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Retain subscribers better between seasons

Don't start from scratch every year. Sell season tickets that auto-renew when new seasons start

Build more attractive plans for seasonal content

Create plans that feel like better value for money, by tailoring them to the cycle of your seasons

Acquire subscribers all season long with dynamic pricing

Run special promotions and easily discount your plan prices to win new customers at every point in the seasons

A subscription model built to beat seasonal churn

Take the risk out of highly seasonal content

Customers don't want to buy annual subscriptions for seasonal content. Sign customers up for high-value that they will love.

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Define your season timelines

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Align billing and renewal with your seasons

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Boost season-to-season retention rates by up to 50%

Using seasonal subscriptions is simple. Sell more season tickets, grow lifetime value through better retention, and significantly reduce your customer reacquisition costs.

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How to retain OTT subscribers when your content is seasonal

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Frictionless, dynamic pricing to acquire customers all season long

The easiest price promotions you will ever run

Upgrade campaigns can be hard work. Discounted season tickets that auto-renew work better. 

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Create a live promo in 30 seconds

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Run whatever special offers you want

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Progressively drop prices across the season

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Auto-renew at full price next season

No more choosing between low priced entry points and high lifetime value offers. Use seasonal subscription promos to do both.

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