Cleeng Core

A Powerful Suite for Successful Subscriber Management

Strength and flexibility at the heart of your subscription business

Improve Conversion Rate

Provide your audience with an intuitive and seamless account creation process

Lasting Subscriber Relationships

Engage with your audience, build rich profiles and optimize your retention strategy with customer data.

Seamless Payment and Billing

Connect with the leading payment service providers for optimal checkout experiences.

A Comprehensive API Infrastructure For Subscriber Management and Retention

Cleeng Core combines all features needed to effectively manage your subscribers

A Seamless Conversion Process and Flexible Entitlement Management

Effortless Trial Setup

Convert visitors to subscribers with trials that let viewers experience your content before paying. Experiment freely with over 60 couponing options, and measure outcomes with Cleeng’s Trial Performance Dashboard.

Intuitive Access Control

Provide preferred social logins and single sign-on to identify your new viewers and welcoming them in their native language.

  • Facebook, Google & email login
  • 20+ supported languages
Advanced Entitlement Options

Grant your viewers access to your premium content on any device out there.

Engineered for Revenue Growth

Flexible Offer Configurations

Attract and convert subscribers with different offer and plan options. Easily adapt and optimize for their needs.

  • Season Passes
  • Pay-Per-View
  • Rental
  • Subscriptions VOD
  • Transactional VOD
Integrated with the leading Payment Gateways

Experience the flexibility of our integrations with the leading Global Payment Gateways to enable monetization of your content.

Subscriber-Centric Platform For Relationships That Last

Enriched Customer Dialogue

Empower your customer support with the insights and capabilities they need to give your viewers a service they will love.

  • Enriched Customer Inquiry form
  • Zendesk Pre-integration
  • QoE and QoS Pre-integration
  • Self Service Portal
  • NPS dashboard
Real-Time Analytics

Stay on top of the different channels, plans, and subscribers with accurate in-depth business metrics.

  • Sign-up & activation trends
  • Monthly recurring revenue (MRR)
  • Average revenue per user (ARPU)
  • Plan performance tracking
  • Refund & chargeback analysis
  • Detailed transaction history
  • Churn & cancellation trends
  • Dunning optimization
  • Subscriber inquiry trends

Cleeng insights

Securing a stable revenue stream in the OTT World? A strategic guide to optimizing the SVOD business model.

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Test and Experiment With Cleeng Core’s
Developers’ Toolkit

A Sandbox Environment for experimentation, testing, and building outstanding subscriber management applications.

A Unique Sandbox Environment To Explore The Future of OTT


Cleeng supports a wide range of client libraries for faster and simpler monetization, deeper subscriber insights, and continuous operational improvement.


Open APIs that make it easy to seamlessly connect with proprietary and/or external vendor systems.

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Analytics That Drive Action

Reduce the Time, Effort, and Complexity of Subscriber Management Tasks

  • Offer performance monitoring

    Review how your offer is performing and contributing your overall results.

  • Simple campaign creation

    Get campaigns up and running in a few clicks and grow your video subscription revenues.

  • Clear data visualization

    Put your data in context. Create meaningful reports and draw concrete conclusions.

  • Granular reporting

    Go as deep as you need. Drill down to subscriber segements and build a 360° view of your viewers.

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Cleeng Core powers innovative broadcasters at all points in the subscriber lifecycle

Learn how subscription services use Core’s functionality in different ways to meet their unique needs.

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Your Success Built On Our Solutions

Identity & Access

Product Entitlement

Subscription Billing

Customer Service

Analytics Dashboards

Identity & Access

Accelerate sign-ups, enrich user profiles and boost your CRM capabilities.

Social Login

Social Login 

1-click registration with Facebook & Google 

Single Sign On

Single Sign On 

Login across different platforms 

Trial Sign Ups

Trial Sign Ups 

Configure trial periods & fees 

Registration Forms

Registration Forms 

Capture additional user info 

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions 

Stay compliant with viewers 

Multilingual Platform

Multilingual Platform 

20+ supported languages  

A Complete Architecture for Subscriber Retention Management

Specialised Payment & Billing, Churn Analytics, and Customer Care solutions