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Offer types dedicated to sport

Create different kinds of offers and give your subscribers freedom to choose the best package. Wide range of options available, starting from recurring season passes, subscriptions and live events, to TVOD offers.

Expand your reach in local markets

Test your strategies on specific countries. Experiment with offering, discounting and free trials. Use local languages and currencies to fit your prospective subscribers expectations.

Useful audience analytics

Explore various business strategies based on comprehensive subscriber data. Gather information from all available sources (mobile apps, TV apps, web apps) on each step of their journey using ChurnIQ Segments and create an effective and frictionless experience.

When it came to the live tennis matches, the support that we are getting with Cleeng, really was amazing. Your support resources made all that TurnKey no matter what, time day or night the tournament was happening. I don't say that lightly. I can actually sleep at night.

Brian Johnson - Senior Manager Web Operations Support
Tennis Channel - Sinclair Broadcast Group

Let Cleeng handle your D2C operations

Stable tech background

Start building your OTT platform with an open API infrastructure. Seamlessly integrate identity, entitlement and billing functionalities using Cleeng solution. Smooth data migration from existing platforms.

Payments and tax management

Best possible way for international clients to handle their finances. Merchant includes all necessary processes and integrations to handle payments and country-specific taxes hassle-free.

Customer support as a service

Cleeng’s Hi5 product takes care of all your subscribers support. White-labelled help centers, contact forms and AI-powered chatbot dedicated to your audience is what you need to run a perfectly organized service.

Industry Partnerships

We partner with the most popular streaming platforms

As a leader in OTT we have established partnerships with the most popular solutions on the market. Together with Synamedia, Sportradar, FanReach and more we support more than 250 broadcasters around the world. If you can’t see your streaming provider below, don’t worry, with Cleeng’s APIs you are able to effortlessly integrate streaming solution.

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