CORE - subscriber management SYSTEM

A Powerful Suite for Successful Subscriber Management

Strength and flexibility at the heart of your subscription business

Improve Conversion Rate

Provide your audience with an intuitive and seamless account creation process.

Lasting Subscriber Relationships

Engage with your audience, build rich profiles and optimize your retention strategy with customer data.

Seamless Payment and Billing

Connect with the leading payment service providers for optimal checkout experiences.

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Easy and powerful offer management

Test any monetization strategy

Experiment with your subscription models and get the revenue your content deserves

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Seasonal offers

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Live pay-per-view

Orchestrate the core of your business from one screen

Create your offers, test pricing, build upgrade pathways, or track performance with a single click. With Cleeng you are free to experiment.

Target your markets with unique offers

Use offer localization to tailor your plans for international markets. Set up local currencies, prices, and Sign-up models in seconds.

Built-in strategies to increase your ARPU

Focus on retention

Identify at-risk customers and target them with the right campaigns. Use churn deflection mechanism with downgrade retention offers to keep your customers close.

Enable upsell opportunities

Increase your revenue by offering easily accessible upgrades for existing customers and expand your customer base with gifting.

Experiment with flexible pricing

Choose from over 60 coupon options to attract your audience. Use our VIP checkout for your special customers.

Boost revenue by 15% through targeted coupon campaigns

Plan discounts, free extensions, trials and many more. Test your marketing strategies, find the best traction and increase your revenue.

One source of truth across all apps

Keep all your subscription data in sync

Control cross-channel entitlements from Cleeng platform.

Get comprehensive insights

Cleeng unifies the data from multiple sources, so you can gain a holistic view of customer behavior. The data enables you to make more informed decisions and tailor you offering to better meet customer needs

Simplify your data operations

Managing data from different sources separately can be cumbersome and time-consuming. Streamlined data management process makes it easier to access, analyze, and utilize the information efficiently.

Cleeng insights

Is your architecture ready for the new era of OTT?

Integrate and deploy quickly

Use our open APIs, SDKs and built-in integrations to support your platform setup

A Unique Sandbox Environment To Explore The Future of OTT

Accelerate your platform launch

Cleeng supports a wide range of client libraries for faster and simpler monetization, deeper subscriber insights, and continuous operational improvement. Hear about BKFC’s quick launch times with Cleeng for their OTT app

Compatible by design

Open APIs that make it easy to seamlessly connect with proprietary and/or external vendor systems. Discover the seamless migration of one of the biggest brands in US collegiate athletics, Big Ten Network

Test and Experiment freely

A Unique Sandbox Environment for experimentation, testing, and building outstanding subscriber management applications.


Core powers innovative broadcasters at all points in the subscriber lifecycle


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Per day capacity





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