Supported platforms

Cleeng Live! Sell your live event

Cleeng support all major platforms, including Brightcove, Kaltura, Livestream and Youtube. Simply create an event, and embed your (configured) player from your platform.

Cleeng Play Sell video-on-demand

Cleeng support as a turn-key Wistia, Vimeo and Brightcove. Create your account, and setup your video on demand in minutes. You can also read the API documentation on how to setup your VOD in bulk.  If you want to protect videos from any other platform in a similar way, please contact us.

For above solutions, it’s self-service, easy and free to use. Setup is simple and only take minutes.

For a custom do-it-yourself integration – follow the getting started tutorial and set-up your first payment for any digital stuff you want (example).

Have a look to our extensive documentation on Cleeng Open, our API and create smart plugins or applications for content monetization. In case you use PHP for your application we suggest you use the PHP SDK – as it simplifies the integration even further.

Let us know what you built and in case we like it too, you’ll be listed here.

Video Turn-key solutions

Sell in 5 minutes
(most popular)

Vimeo Pro on Cleeng Play - Compatible with HTML5 and Flash playback!

Sell in 5 minutes

Cleeng also offers solutions for Brightcove Pro & Enterprise customers.
About Brightcove solutions

Twistage plugin

Contact Cleeng

Full integration within Twistage platform - suitable for Enterprise customers.
More about Twistage plugin

Cleeng SDKs Develop quickly a custom solution

Create a smart solution. And get a bit of help using an SDK. All projects are listed on Github, and we have extensive documentation. Any suggestion or contribution is appreciated.


Version: 1.0
Officially supported by Cleeng.

PHP version requirements: v. 5.2.X (should work on 5.1.X)
Required PHP extensions: CURL, JSON
Read the full: Documentation