hi5 -  Cloud-based, AI-enhanced customer care

Expert viewer care that scales with your business

D2C viewer care solutions specialized in Media and Entertainment subscription services.

24/7 Global Operation

The Hi5 team support viewers from more than 100 countries in 29 languages every day. Our highly trained agents work around the clock so our clients can sleep at night.

Omnichannel Support

Hi5 makes it easy for your subscribers to interact with you when and how they want, giving them the freedom to choose the touchpoint that works for them.

Real-Time Analytics

Harness the data generated by your subscribers to discover hidden patterns, and identify opportunities to drive improved subscriber loyalty and retention.

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Build a service your subscribers love

Retain your subscribers and grow their lifetime value with a fast, personal service that gives the answers they need, when they need them.

An expert team you can deploy with ease

Viewer support is where you show your subscribers that they matter, but anticipating the problems they encounter requires experience and expertise. Hi5 packages 8 years of experience in a uniquely specialized OTT support team, with deep authentication, payments, and stream performance knowledge. They deliver answers quickly because they already know the questions.

Complete viewer care that’s ready to use

Go to market quickly with out-of-the-box customer success tools that allow you to stay focused on your business. No lengthy infrastructure building or implementation planning required.

Scalable processes that deliver results

With a pre-built FAQ help center, integrated support workflows, and efficient chargeback management, Hi5’s carefully refined processes deliver success across your critical support KPIs.

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Why Customer Care is King in OTT

Connect the dots with data-driven care

Drive higher retention levels with early problem detection and proactive support that transforms the subscriber experience.

Out-of-the-box dashboard analytics

Hi5’s analytics dashboard lets you analyze customer pain points in real time. Using key data points, Hi5 offers you insights that can improve the viewer experience with data-driven decisions. Quickly identify trending issues and track key operational metrics with intuitive data visualizations that are accessible for everyone on your team.

Detailed Account View

A 360° subscriber view with transaction history, activity overview and more.

Escalation Management

Fast response and resolution times for subscribers and broadcasters.

Automated Inquiry Funnels

Smart reporting and classification of inquiries.

Real-Time Patterns

Watch inquiry patterns form in real-time and act quickly to resolve them.


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