Cleeng and La Tribune announce the implementation of an innovative payment system on

Benedicte Guichard| Mon Jun 27 2011 CET

Amsterdam, the Netherlands and Paris, France – June 20, 2011 – Cleeng and La Tribune proudly announce the implementation of a new purchase system enabling users, in 1-click and from any electronic device, to acquire articles, videos and various content protected on

“Cleeng fits perfectly within our strategy of digital innovation: offering consumers a real freedom of choice and a new way to consume quality content, online. Consumers are willing to buy high-value content, such as music, games or news articles, but the key to success is: simplicity. And the simplicity of the user experience and ease of installation provided by Cleeng were the determining factors in our choice,” said Thomas Loignon, Director of New Media at La Tribune.

“We are very pleased to partner with La Tribune. This agreement with a major player in the media industry, and the 300 other small publishers who have implemented the solution just 3 months after its launch, demonstrates the flexibility and the technological advance of our service. Our priority is to provide publishers with a quick and appropriate answer to their monetization strategy at the lowest cost,” said Gilles Domartini CEO at Cleeng.

Cleeng is an innovative and patented solution that allows publishers to easily monetize any type of content ranging from an article, to an exclusive interview, to an editorial, or dozens of pages with the same service. Cleeng allows users to acquire, with 1- click and with a single account, the content that most interests them on a variety of websites.

In the case of La Tribune, the monetization solution was technically integrated within a week and allowed the newspaper to have specific parts of articles published and hidden behind the Cleeng layer. Readers interested in reading an article in its entirely only need to pay a small fee for access.

According to Frédéric Léaux, Production and IT Director at La Tribune, “Cleeng is the ideal solution for us: comprehensive and integrated, requiring few development costs and no additional resources and capable of data crossing with our CRM system. The integration took no-time thanks to the professionalism of the Cleeng’s team and clarity of their technical documentation.”

The concept behind Cleeng is quite simple, but this monetization solution offers many benefits to the entire industry:
– One tool is used to monetize an article or hundreds of pages.
– The publisher maintains control of its strategy, deciding what content will be monetized and at what price.
– Cleeng allows publishers to generate revenues on top of advertising without conflicting with the subscription policy.
– The publisher keeps up to 90% of the additional revenue created.

Cleeng offers great opportunities for publishers by attracting new readers interested in the freedom offered by the concept and other benefits like Cleeng’s library, where content is stored and can be accessed from any electronic device. With Cleeng, creating an account instantly is very easy via a Facebook, Google, or Yahoo account. The purchase of Cleeng credits, which are needed to acquire content, is done via trusted payment methods.


About Cleeng

Cleeng is a patented technical solution that makes one-click content monetization incredibly easy. Compatible with major CMS, it enables content creators to earn micropayments for their content. It simplifies access to unique quality content by offering a one-click, pay as you go solution to online consumers. It works on all web-enabled devices. Cleeng has offices in Amsterdam and Paris. It is privately held company founded in 2010. For more information visit

About La Tribune

La Tribune, the reference brand across economic and financial multimedia, is now available in various supports: a modern newspapers, covering an array of pertinent business topics (Green Business, Emerging Markets, Techno & Media …) that offers its readers a prospective vision of their business, and a fast growing website with nearly 1.5 million unique visitors each month, and a leadership position in economic and financial mobile applications … Reading La Tribune helps companies understand  the economy and the financial challenges of tomorrow.