How to Make Your Viewers Comfortable With Your OTT Service?

Dimitar Serafimov| Tue May 01 2018 CET| Cleeng news

How to make viewers love your OTT service

In the world of entertainment, it goes without saying that OTT is now a dominant force, attracting more engaged subscribers than ever before. Here, we discuss the two crucial elements in the OTT offerings that are often overshadowed by technology.  

Pure-play OTT (or vMVPDs) and direct-to-consumer services are taking serious share from pay TV at this moment, and the trend will accelerate in the next 5 years, according to the projections from Digital TV Research.

But while there are plenty of consumers willing to sign up for the freedom, flexibility, and convenience of OTT, the competition is fierce and more often than not, subscriber churn rates are through the roof.

At present, if you are on the supply side in OTT, the best way to ensure you retain customers and boost brand loyalty is by making people comfortable with your OTT service. Here, there are two crucial elements that are often overshadowed by technology.  

Consideration for user rights overweighs hunger for data 

Sure, data is invaluable to understanding your target consumers and knowing what they want, but perhaps more important than that is demonstrating an emotional understanding of your audience.

Now, placing yourself in the customer’s’ shoes, it’s clear that one of the biggest drivers of loyalty is transparency. According to a recent report from Brand Home, 73% of OTT consumers in Belgium want to know how services are using their data, and 46% want to know how their data is secured, as the graph shows:

Brand home - privacy concerns

Quality of customer care gives you that love edge

In addition to offering transparency regarding your use of consumer data, adopting contemporary customer care methods is essential.

In the digital age, self-care methods seem to hold the most value and these approaches include informative videos, FAQs, section, macros, live chat, test device widgets etc. 

Seamless customer care is an integral part of the customer journey, particularly when you’re talking direct-to-consumer, and the above methods will help you build a significant level of trust, loyalty, and comfortability.

Today’s OTT hungry consumers are more empowered and perhaps more impatient than ever. To win on today’s digital battlefield, keeping your customer care offerings conversational with the power of emerging technologies such machine learning-driven chat services as well as tried and tested live chat options, you will be able to provide your consumers with swift answers to their questions, earning trust, loyalty and as a result, valuable long-term custom.

Yes, OTT is largely about the content but without providing a seamless user experience and exemplary standards of cutting-edge customer care, your audience is unlikely to stick around. Alternatively, keep your customers happy throughout their journey and OTT success will be yours.

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