Our Live PPV ROI Calculator is Up & Running

Benedicte Guichard| Mon Jan 25 2016 CET| Cleeng news

Live PPV ROI calculator by Cleeng


During the past week, we launched our own ROI calculator for measuring in advance the potential of your live pay-per-view events. From the initial feedback we gathered, our existing publishers and newly-acquired leads simply love it.

Why we created it?

For a long time, our publishers asked for expertise about managing live events, and how to forecast their live event business better. While publishers understand the value Cleeng brings, it was difficult to precisely quantify its benefits. More precisely, our publishers wanted to:

  • Have a clear breakdown of the cost associated with the organization of a live pay-per-view;
  • Explain in simple word each step;
  • Model the business, using different assumptions of investment, so they can better understand what it takes to succeed;
  • Be clear about the (possible) expected financial return.

Why it is unique?

What makes this tool unique is:

  • It’s based on a very simple, practical wizard interface;
  • It’s based on more than 5,000 events organized in more than 43 countries;
  • It’s based on our accumulated experience and learnings from working with agencies and site owners;
  • It’s focused on live publishers only and goes deep into details.

Quality of stream - ROI calculator by Cleeng

How it helps live video publishers?

Let’s list the main benefits for our live publishers:

  • It projects the future outcome of your live event with decent accuracy;
  • It shows the real (visible and “hidden”) costs of running a pay-per-view service;
  • It clearly compares using Cleeng’s platform versus in-house development (home-grown) as most popular options for PPV publishers.

Calculated cost and revenue - ROI calculator by Cleeng


Without wasting more words, we are encouraging you to try the ROI calculator. It’s completely free of charge. Feel free to let us know if you have some comments or suggestions.

Note: As for any estimation, this calculator is not 100% accurate. Your results depend very much on the market segment you are in (sports, religious, music, educational, etc), how engaged is your audience, and how unique is your content. We are happy to assist you to maximize your ROI.

Are you a planning to do pay-per-view live events? Looking for tech alternatives?

Calculate your ROI. It’s FREE

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