The Fight Against SVOD Piracy is Picking Up Momentum

SVOD piracy news

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Much like when the DVD was in its prime, now that SVOD is thriving across the globe, there is a whole host of pirates just waiting to get their greasy paws on your content. Let’s check on the latest updates on the ever-present fight against piracy in the video world.  (more…)

Moving SVOD Content Overseas: Challenges vs Opportunities

svod services going abroad - specifics


As SVOD continues to develop, so does its business model and the role of those operating within the industry. Going abroad is a tempting opportunity for most premium video providers, but it’s crucial to be aware of the regional specifics and incoming challenges.


Softball League Bets on Online Passes for the Upcoming Season

NPFTV uses season passes to sell live games online - Cleeng

As the wonderful world of OTT continues to thrive, more and more sports broadcasters are turning to online subscriptions and passes to cater to a new breed of consumers – and softball is no exception. Find out how a softball league went over-the-top and launched a geo-targeted streaming service.  (more…)

ATSC 3.0 and the Future of Online Broadcasting

ATSC 3.0 and online broadcasting

The world of online broadcasting is ever changing, with shifts and developments in constant motion. In this post, we’ll tackle the implications of ATSC 3.0 to the broadcasting industry and how it redefines video consumption.  (more…)

Boost Your Video Ticket Sales With Coupons Marketing

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Today’s consumers are more tuned than ever and as such, demand value.