The SRM™ Dashboard as a Standalone Turnkey Solution

Luc Bleylevens| Wed Oct 23 2019 CET| Cleeng news


Subscriber retention dashboard

In a space that’s becoming all the more saturated, fostering meaningful long term relationships with your subscribers will help your platform grow and evolve over time—and we can prove it.

If you follow us closely, we used this IBC Show to showcase our unique SRM™ dashboard that fits perfectly to our story and modular set of products. We were quite impressed by the feedback we got there and want to carry that enthuisiasm towards perfecting the solution.

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How can you try the SRM™ dashboard?

As a reminder, the SRM™ dashboard represents a centralized space that offers a wealth of key insights, equipped with predictive analytics capabilities. Watch this comprehrensive video guide by our UX lead that explains it in detail. 

The SRM™ dashboard is and will be is an integral part of Cleeng Core (included in Core’s pricing) and works closely with our subscriber management and retention solutions. 

However, from now on, you are able to use the SRM™ dashboard as a standalone solution that works complementary to your existing systems.

The cool thing about it is that you can plug the dashboard into any third party systems for identity and access management, subscriber management, billing systems, customer care solutions, and user satisfaction/ QoE/ QoS solutions. The central dashboard pulls data, then aggregates it into a data lake, digests it and presents it into a persona-based graphs, as shown in the diagram below:

Turnkey SRM dashboard

Why would you need it as a standalone?

The main benefits of a plug-and-play SRM™ dashboard include:

  • Breaking down fragmented data silos.
  • Offering persona relevant data storytelling capabilities.
  • Ability to install it quickly, with no friction.
  • Access to dynamic and predictive insights for informed decision-making.
  • Accumulated know-how based on best practices from more than 250 broadcasters.
  • Excellent ROI: save on aggregation process and KPI definition activities (see visual above).

If you are interested, request a demo and pricing from our SRM™ experts by picking the “I am interested in advanced subscriber retention analytics” option in the “Subject” of the contact form. 

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