We won 2013 Red Herring Top 100 Europe award!

Alex-Vieux, Gillles_Domartini

This month brought us a tremendous success – Cleeng was announced to a winner of the Red Herring’s Top 100 award. 

We’re incredibly happy that the Red Herring editors – the same who recognized companies such as Facebook, Twitter or Google to change the way we live and work – identified Cleeng as one of the 100 most promising new companies in Europe.

Each year the competition attracts only the best new players and most creative idea creators from all around the continent, and we’re among them! It’s really amazing to hear that our very young, barely two years old startup is perceived as the credible and unique one within the content monetization industry.

Most rewarding part of the competition, beside the title, came from Alex Vieux – the publisher and CEO of Red Herring, who said that:

Cleeng demonstrates the vision, drive and innovation that define a Red Herring winner.

We are convinced that Red Herring credentials will dispel any doubts about Cleeng solution you might had before. The solution we put tons of experience & long hours of work; the most advanced and affordable solution we believe in.

Big thank you to Alex Vieux & to our amazing team for their support, and scoring high !


  • Elizabeth Perry

    Dearest Red Herring “winner.” While I am certain your company is very interesting … you have been scammed. Having worked as a Red Herring insider for many years, I can tell you This so-called award targets anyone and everyone who will pay. In other words, if you pay, you get an award. In fact, the Red Herring brand no longer exists. There are two sales persons and Alex, who is wanted by authorities in the US and France for tax evasion, and who spends his time running from the law, hiding from responsibility, owing millions of dollars to his former partners, friends, and employees. There is no editorial; there are no journalists, no experts … Sadly, only the name remains. Apparently enough to attract many companies still. … Again, this is not to say your company isn’t deserving of an award. But, you should think twice about making it publicly count.

    • cleeng

      Hi Elizabeth,

      Thank you for your opinion on this matter.

      Donald – The Cleeng Team

    • Elizabeth Perry

      You are welcome. Sorry to be harsh, but there are more reputable awards programs with real industry pros and (published) judging committees behind them, and event series that can offer valuable connections. White Bull is just one of them. All the best of luck to you!